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Protecting Your Loved Ones
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South Carolina Nursing Home Attorney.

Welcome to the home of the Hughey Law Firm’s Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect website. It is an unfortunate reality that our elder loved ones are being abused, mistreated and neglected every day in South Carolina. We all age, as this is an inevitable part of life and it is very important we hold nursing home facilities accountable. Our elderly are not here for health care corporations to make money. In fact, it should be the opposite. Our health care and nursing home facilities should be in place to take care of the elderly making their lives as comfortable as possible before they move on. The South Carolina nursing home attorneys at Hughey Law Firm know, respect and appreciate this very thing. Our team of nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers has the track record in moving your case along in a timely and efficient manner. These cases entail complex procedures, and our team of attorneys has the experience you need in order to fight for what is right. Many of our South Carolina nursing home cases come from other law firms, as attorney Nathan Hughey has been down this road many times before. Know that when you work with the Hughey Law Firm, you will receive nursing home attorneys in South Carolina that care and have a proven track record in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

Types of Nursing Home Cases We Handle:

We handle a wide variety of nursing home cases throughout the state of South Carolina. There are a number of injuries and mental implications of nursing home abuse and neglect. Cases we have handled in the past include those who have suffered from: Abuse, Falls, Fractures, Broken Bones, Dehydration, Malnutrition, Medication Errors, Sexual Assault and in some cases Unexplained Deaths.  If you have a loved one who has suffered from any one or combination of these forms of nursing home abuse, it is very important you get in touch with the Hughey Law Firm today. Do not let any time pass by, as our elder care facilities must be held accountable and to the highest level of care for our loved ones. Get in touch with our South Carolina nursing home lawyers today.

Defending the Rights of the Elderly.

The South Carolina nursing home attorneys at Hughey Law Firm take pride in the fact that we fight for those who can no longer fend for themselves. There is nothing more unethical and disrespectful then abusing or neglecting our elder generations. In a lot of cases, abuse and neglect continue to take place in our nursing home facilities so money can be made off the occupants. By law, assisted living facilities are only allowed to retain patients they can care for. If their conditions or health changes, the facility is not allowed to keep them anymore. Unfortunately, a lot of assisted living facilities do not abide by this law and continue to profit off the elderly even if their conditions worsen. Abuse comes in many forms from physical and emotional to sexual, but regardless of the abuse that takes place our nursing home lawyers in South Carolina will fight tenaciously for what is right on behalf of your family.

To learn more about the different types of cases we handle or what type of abuse your loved ones may have unfortunately received, please click on PRACTICE AREAS to expand and read more.

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